Parent's Responsibilities

Parents should review with their child/children the:

  • List of Bus Behavior Guidelines.
  • Conduct On Buses.
  • Rules for Safe Pupil Transportation.

The importance of observing these rules should be stressed for your child's safety.


Insist that your child/children use correct behavior while waiting for and riding the school bus.  Remind your child to respect the property of others.


Pickup and Drop Off Locations – It is the practice of the Little Egg Harbor Board of Education that all students are assigned to only one bus.  Students must get on and off at their home bus stop, or get on and off at the bus stop for his/her baby-sitter everyday.  Students may not come to school on one bus and go home on a different bus.  The student’s baby-sitter must be in the same demographic area as they live in.  Exceptions are Kangaroo Kourt, Tiny Tots and Wee Care.  A bus will be picking up students at these locations for both schools.

Bus Assignments – Only authorized bus riders shall be permitted to ride a school bus to and from school.  Permission must be obtained from the Transportation Liaison before a bus rider may ride a different bus.  Requests for a bus change must be submitted in writing and will be considered only in case of unforeseen child care or family emergency situations.


Parents are not permitted on the school bus.


Bus Stops - All students are to use their assigned bus stops only.  Do not ask the bus driver to stop at places other than the designated stop.  Any concerns or requests must be directed to the Transportation Office, not to the driver.


Preschool and Kindergarten Parents


All Preschool and Kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop.  If someone is not at the bus stop to meet the student, the child will be returned to school.


If someone, other than the designated person, is going to meet your child, please notify the Transportation Office so that the bus driver can be notified.  If someone, other than the designated person, is at the bus stop for your child and the bus driver does not know who this person is and was not notified of this change, the child will be kept on the bus and returned to school.  If your child is returned to school, you will be notified by telephone to come to pickup your child.  If there is no answer at home, those people on your emergency contact list will be called.  It is vitally important that you keep your emergency contact list names and telephone numbers current.  It is equally important that you keep your home telephone and address current on all school records.


Bus Schedules - Scheduled bus routes are planned allowing sufficient time for students to load the bus at each stop, but no time has been allocated for tardy students.  Please have your child at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.  Help the driver maintain his/her schedule by making sure your child is ready and on time for school.  If your child misses the bus, you must transport him/her to school.  Please do not chase the bus or try and catch the bus at another stop, it is unsafe.