District Contacts

District Offices

307 Frog Pond Road
Little Egg Harbor, NJ  08087

(609) 296-1719  option 3

District Contacts

Melissa McCooley, Superintendent of Schools
email:  mmccooley@lehsd.k12.nj.us
phone:  609-296-1719 X1010

Nick Brown, Business Administrator
email:  nickbrown@lehsd.k12.nj.us
phone:  609-296-1719 X1013

John Acampora, Director of Curriculum/Instruction
email:  jacampora@lehsd.k12.nj.us
phone:  609-296-1719 X1015

Erin Lichtenwalner, Director of Special Services
email:  elichtenwalner@lehsd.k12.nj.us
phone:  609-296-1719  X1029